Go Outside

ESRM 301-1A

Field Professionalism: Outdoor Research Basics

 Fall 2024 - Welcome!

This fall we are introducing a new course.

ESRM 301-1A: Field Professionalism - Outdoor Research Basics!

Students have asked for years for a course that fills the gap between getting out of the classroom and working as a field researcher—a course that covers the basics of being outdoors. You'll learn camping essentials (tents, packs, stoves, fires), wilderness safety and navigation, as well as some of the basics of doing science outside. We will tie knots. We will cook over fire. We will see stars. We will work hard. We will have fun.

We're super excited to partner with CSUCI's Outdoor Adventure Program for this course. Learn more about OA here, including their General Info page!

This course is for you if:

You like spending time outside!

You want to learn to like spending time outside!

You haven't taken ESRM 351 Field Methods (or aren't planning to).

You've never been camping before.

You go camping all the time.

Class will meet Tuesday evenings in Weeks 2-6 only.

Camping Trip Dates: SEPTEMBER 20-22 (Friday afternoon through Sunday morning)

Each class meeting and the trip are all mandatory.

This course is for everybody.

We get it. Not everyone is comfortable being outdoors. There are accessibility barriers. There is stigma: not all people see themselves in the outdoors or see the outdoors as for them.

OUR GOAL FOR THIS COURSE is to make the outdoors feel welcoming and accessible to EVERYONE, regardless of your background, experience, ability, or comfort. We aim to foster a sense of BELONGING in our community and in the outdoors for ALL STUDENTS.

This course is for everybody.

To Succeed In This Course

(Answers to) Frequently Asked Questions

What Gear/Equipment Do I Need? None.

More Questions?

Ask me! My goal is to make sure you have what you need to succeed in this course.

dan (dot) reineman (at) csuci (dot) edu

Email is the best way to connect and I can usually respond within 1-2 work days.

I hold office hours on Tuesdays late-morning or by appointment. To make an appointment, follow the link in Canvas or else shoot me an email if that time don't work for you.

Hi! My name is Dan R. Reineman; students call me "Doc," which is easier to spell and pronounce than my name! I LOVE camping and working outdoors. My longest field season was two months in a tent on a beach on a remote island in the Galapagos studying birds. It was really cool; definitely Type II Fun. I have two sons: my youngest (4yo) just went on his first backpacking trip!

Support options at CSUCI:


(1) Sign into Canvas, (2) Click on ESRM 301-1A, (3) Go Outside. (Be patient! It's a new course and we're still building it!)

Please note that the course Canvas site will not open until the first day of the term...