noun    |    coast·og·ra·phy    |    \ˈkōst ä-grə-fē \

1 :  the science of the coast and its interconnected social-ecological systems.

2 :  the study of coastal sustainability in a changing climate.

Keeping the Pulse of the Coast

As part of the Environmental Science & Resource Management program at California State University Channel Islands, the Coastography Lab seeks to increase our understanding of how coastal communities can better steward their coastal resources. We work on two broad, intersecting issues:

Coastal Access

Who has access to our coasts? Is access equitable and meaningful? How will coastal access and access equity be affected by rising sea level?

Surfing Resources

Are surf breaks vulnerable? How are they valued and by whom? How can communities manage and conserve surf breaks on changing coasts?

Yes, but what is Coastography, really?

The study of the coast. Really. At the confluence of land and sea, coasts are remarkable places. Understanding them is an interdisciplinary challenge that implicates the sciences of oceanography, ecology, land-use management and planning, history, geography, policy, and others... Yay for interdisciplinarity!

But why not call it Coastology?

Good question. I considered this, actually, since "-logy" means the study of something, whereas "-graphy" means the writing down of something—and the goal of my work is to do more than just write things down. However, given the relevance of oceanography and geography, I went with Coastography.

Dan Reineman - I am an Associate Professor of Environmental Science & Resource Management at CSU Channel Islands. I study the human dimensions of ocean and coastal management using interdisciplinary methods, including community-based research. My goal is to engage students and communities in understanding and sustainably managing their coastal resources. Learn more about me; check out the courses I teach at CSUCI; students, please connect with me.

NEW! Coastography Lab Hats!

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