Zach Adkins - The coast is one of the most dynamic aspects of life here in California and I am excited to be able to study how we can conserve it for future generations. In my free time you can find me hiking, hanging out at the beach, or cooking. 

Jen Bays - I am an Environmental Science and Resource Management student who enjoys exploring the complexities of earth's systems and anthropogenic impacts on those systems. I am fascinated by applying technological tools to furthering our understanding of such issues -- this is why I am excited to work on on coastal access equity in California!

Hunter Bowman - I am an undergraduate at CSU Channel Islands where I study coastal resource management and wildlife conservation. While working for California State Parks, I documented shoreline erosion at San Onofre State Beach and monitored nesting Least terns and Snowy plovers at Huntington State Beach. 

Nick Cooper - I’m studying environmental science and resource management. As a coastal resident I am excited to learn more about the changing coastline and our role in that change. In my free time I enjoy surfing and mountain biking.

Aaron Hooyboer - I'm studying environmental science to learn more about how to protect this beautiful planet we live on! I hope to one day work for the National Parks Service and educate the public about our amazing parks and how they can help protect them. Working with Ventura Land Trust will help me better understand the dynamic between the people and our open spaces. In my free time, you'll catch me in the mountains, the beach, the forest, or the airport for my next adventure.

Christina Huggins - For my senior year, I am excited to work closely with a passionate group of individuals committed to making a positive impact on the environment. The hopes that I have for my Capstone project is to create a positive change in my community through my work and research with scientists and policy wonks at Heal The Bay.

Ally Lafayette - I want to spend my time researching climate change and the ocean. I grew up in and on the coast and I’m excited for the opportunity to learn about and help preserve our coastlines. When I’m not working or studying, I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and backpacking.

Paulena Lam - The California coast has played an important part in driving my fascination for studying the behavior and sustainability of our planet’s resources. My focus lies in the relationship of environmental impacts from climate change and the availability of coastal resources to our communities. Some activities I enjoy on my free time include yoga, gardening, and making art.

Mike Monak - As a surfer, I have seen or heard of too many surf breaks that have been damaged by anthropogenic forces. I am extremely excited to be working on behalf of coastal access and preservation!

Emily Orsborn - I am an undergraduate Environmental Science and Resource Management major working on the Science4Surfing Climate Impacts Capstone. I also worked under Dr. Reineman to update the California Coastal Commission's coastal access geodatabase for sea level rise impact analysis. I'm excited to examine sea level rise impacts on the surfing community!

Leah Ostermann - I am studying Business and Environmental Science Resource Management to better understand how to incorporate more sustainable practices into business operations and management.  I grew up on the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and love spending my free time there hiking, backpacking and skiing. 

Ashlee Phelps - Growing up I was always drawn to the ocean, whether it was sitting and watching the waves or collecting sand-crabs with my brother, you could always find me at the beach. As I grew older my love for the ocean also grew, except I became more interested in how the waves are formed and what the sand-crabs ate. By studying environmental science I am able to go to the beach and do all the things I love, except now I get to call it homework!

Bianca Reyes - I am a first generation college student working towards my bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and Resource Management. I am excited to be working with the Ventura Land Trust researching the local public's perspective on their access to open spaces.

Diego Sancho - Diego was born and raised in Costa Rica, and after working for several years at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, he has just transitioned into a new role as the Surf Conservation Data Coordinator for the Save The Waves Coalition. His master’s degree is in coastal dynamics and management through the Earth Systems Program at Stanford University. Diego's research interests include coastal oceanography, marine resource management, and human dimensions of climate change on coastlines. He enjoys surfing and scuba diving in his free time.

Jenny Torres - My lifelong goal is to create meaningful changes for underprivileged communities through policies and regulations. Environmental justice has been my passion since my middle school days camping and backpacking in the San Bernandino National Forest. In the words of the Notorious RBG "Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you."

Sarah Wortman - I am an undergraduate student studying Environmental Science and Resource Management with an emphasis in Resource Management at CSU Channel Islands. I look forward to developing connections throughout the community and teaching those around me about the amazing scientific wonders in our own backyard. I enjoy working with California native species and I hope to put my knowledge to the test while working with Ventura Land Trust for my Capstone project this year.