Citizen Science

Citizen Science

The role of citizens & volunteers in, not only partnering with scientists to collect or analyze data, but also to help us understand our impacts on and relationships with resources is of growing importance. I am currently working on an NSF funded project with Ali Boehm (Stanford's Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering) to examine CitSci volunteers—their motivations, effectiveness, outcomes, etc.—in a coastal water quality study.

  • Learn more about the Stanford Beach Water Quality Monitoring Project here:

Wave Knowledge

Additionally, since resource users are often most familiar with the resources they use, surfers themselves are an excellent source of insight into the coastal system. Many surfers have high site fidelity, deep local knowledge, and strong place attachments to their surf breaks. In this paper, I argue that their knowledge is an untapped repository of data for coastal management.

  • Reineman. 2016. The utility of surfers' wave knowledge for coastal management. Marine Policy 67: 139-147. (view article)